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Non-exclusive bookings for groups

The Jefferson can comfortably cater to multiple groups at with up to 150 people at one time. If your event is not requisite of an exclusive hire, you may book one of the three sections available, which are suitable for smaller groups of 20-40 guests, as shown on the floor plan. Simply send us an e-mail with the date, time and number of people attending, and we will get back to you with a booking confirmation.

Exclusive venue booking option

The Jefferson may be hired for a full night from 4pm to midnight, or a half-night from 4pm to 8pm.

Take a look at the information below and get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] and we will work with you to ensure your event is a success.

Minimum spend required

We do not charge a room hire fee, however, we require a minimum spend which is dependent on the date and day on which you wish to hire the venue. For instance, a Monday night in January will have a minimum spend that is much lower than a Friday night in November.

A quote can be provided once we receive this information from you.


To keep your event private, a doorman is required to ensure that solely your guest list is admitted to your exclusive event.

Guest access for your event will take place through the Fort Lane entry, and a fee of $300 is applied for the security service.   

A/V requirements

If your event requires A/V equipment, such as a screen for a presentation, we are happy to work with your A/V contractor, or we can obtain a quote for you from our preferred supplier, WaveFront Audio, who will supply you with a high-quality product at a competitive price. WaveFront knows our venue well and is behind the set-up of our in-house sound system.

A wireless microphone can be supplied at a rate of $150.


We offer two options in terms of music.  

  • In-house playlists provided free of charge
  • A team of professional DJs that play at your corporate event and ensure that mood, pace and volume are professionally controlled. The DJ and hired equipment are charged at $500 for 4 hours.


Upon arrival, your guests can get their coats checked and enjoy a welcome drink as you greet them. We have found that the choice of bottled beer and champagne flutes are the most popular welcome drinks. At this point, the guest can also collect name badges and any other collateral you wish to provide before entering the main room.

Beverage option

Once people have received their welcome drink, they will enter the main room where the full bar is available. As outlined below, there are three beverage packages for you to choose from.

  • A) An open bar with all drinks charged to a master tab. We will inform you once your tab limit has been reached, and decide how to handle any charges that follow. This is potentially the most expensive option as you are paying for all drinks with no per-drink limit.
  • B) A master tab with a limit of $20 per drink, which covers all of our wines, cocktails and champagne, as well as much of our whisky selection. 
    Any amount above $20 per drink will be charged to individual guests. For instance, if a guest would like a $44 whisky, the guest would pay $24, and only $20 would go to your master tab.
    This is our recommended option and is our most popular, with very positive feedback.
  • C) A Welcome Drink provided by you, after which the bar is open for the guests to order drinks and pay their own tabs.

Food Requirements

As a legal requirement, you must have food available at all time for your guests.

A menu will be available at all times, however, we encourage you to take advantage of the two-hour ‘Tasty Bites’ package which is available for your event.

Tasty Bites package

Food will continuously be tray-served for the duration of the package, and this will ensure all your guests are properly cared for.

The full menu is available on our menu tab above, where you can select 6 items.

We recommend our signature ‘Tasty Bites’ selection below:

Mushroom Earl Grey Tea Arancini, Lemon mayo

Salt & Pepper Squid, Garlic Aioli 

Mini beef pies, BBQ sauce 

Hot smoked salmon blini

Crumbed Chicken Skewers, Chili dip   

Balsamic roast vine tomato with bocconcini Filoettes    

We will take care of gluten-free requests and any other dietary requirements that your guest may have on the night.

The two-hour food package is available at $35 per guest

Payment terms

A deposit will be required in order to secure your booking. Please note that the date remains open on our books until this payment is received. To avoid a credit card fee of 2.5%, we recommend that this payment, as well as the final tab, be paid by way of tax invoice, which will be sent out to you with full bank details for a direct payment.


By exclusively hiring out The Jefferson, the staff is missing out on a normal night’s tips. We, therefore, ask that you consider leaving a gratuity, the amount of which is up to you. The team would greatly appreciate it.

The Jefferson is a dedicated and passionate team that will provide the high level of service for which it is known, and ensure that your guests are well cared for throughout the event.