The Jefferson whisky tastings


We all need to start somewhere, and there is no better introduction to the world of whisky than a guided tour with the experts at The Jefferson.


Simply choose from one of the tasting formats that best suits your needs to start your journey to better knowledge and enjoyment of our liquid gold.  


To book a tasting simply email us at and let us know which option suits you best and let us take care of it from there. 

Whisk(ey) me away to the J



Number of guests: Suitable for 1-4 guests.

Price: This will depend on what you would like to taste and be charged to your tab as you select the whisky


This is a casual, free-flowing tasting experience suitable for those who want to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the wonderful world of whisky. “Whisk(ey) me away to the J” is available at all times. Simply come and take a seat at the bar, and one of our expert barmen will be happy to share as much knowledge as time allows, guiding you through the 600+ whiskies that are on our shelves at any one time.

Tasting serves are 15ml. You can sample as many whiskies as you like and have a say on which direction you would like the tasting to go, whether you are travelling between regions or distilleries.


Please note that we recommend no more than 6 tasting portions, as we advocate responsible drinking.






Number of guests: Suitable for a group of 4 or more people.

Price: $80 per person


This tasting caters to new and experienced whisky drinkers. Our most popular #knowyourwhisky tasting experience is designed for the budding drinker, exposing them to six whisky varieties and decrypting insider lingo. Touching on what whisky is and how to drink it, this beginner-level tasting will introduce you to Bourbon, Scotch, Irish whiskey and more, familiarizing you with the basics and aiding you in discovering your own whisky preferences.

Popular with stag parties as well as corporate groups, this tasting session typically lasts an hour. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, you can delve into a Whitestone Cheeseboard, the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of whisky tasting, before moving on to the bar to enjoy the rest of your night.

To reserve a #knowyourwhisky tasting, get in touch with us to discuss your group size and date preferences.



“The Bespoke Experience”


Number of guests: Suitable for a group of 5 or more people.

Price: Price starts at $150 and the final quote will depend on the whisky you would like to taste.


For the more discerning whisky drinker, the ‘Bespoke Tasting’ is tailored to your own desires. If you wish to explore a particular region or variety, it’s an exceptional chance to draw from our extensive portfolio of rare, aged, and unique whiskies and bourbons, with even the most ardent aficionados likely to discover something new amongst our 600+ selection.

To plan your whisky journey ahead of time, get in touch with us to discuss the whiskies on your list. Food is available and can be added to The Bespoke Experience if you wish.





The Jefferson Social Club Monthly Tasting


Number of guests: any number of tickets can be purchased

Price: $80 per person


On the last Wednesday of every month, The Jefferson Social Club meets for a whisky tasting. The theme of the tasting, be it by region, distillery, or style, is announced on the first Wednesday of the month through e-mail. Tickets can be purchased by any number of guests.


The tasting begins at 7 pm sharp and is complete with special guest speakers and presenters, which change from month to month. The experience includes 6 whiskies, with at least one whisky which is tasted first exclusively by guests at the tasting before being placed on our shelves.


To join our mailing list and receive information about the monthly tastings please sign up to our social club mailing list here. we promise we won't spam your inbox and will only send you one monthly email with great offers.