Sipping Through New Zealand: Top 8 Best White Wines You Must Try

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Sipping Through New Zealand: Top 8 Best White Wines You Must Try

New Zealand, a land known for its breathtaking landscapes, also boasts some of the world’s most exquisite white wines. If you’re a wine enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates a good glass of vino, diving into the best NZ white wine selection is an adventure you won’t regret. In this article, we’ll explore the top 8 best NZ white wines that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

1. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

The Marlborough region of New Zealand is celebrated worldwide for its exceptional wine production, particularly when it comes to white wines. Among its offerings, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc stands out as a global favorite, revered for its distinctive characteristics and exceptional quality.

Flavor ProfileGooseberry, passionfruit, herbal notes
AcidityVibrant and refreshing
FinishCrisp and refreshing

Tasting Notes

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that tantalizes the taste buds with its vibrant acidity and rich flavors. Its hallmark notes of gooseberry, passionfruit, and herbal undertones create a truly unique sensory experience. The acidity of this wine adds a refreshing element, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a lively and crisp wine.

Food Pairing

Pairing Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with the right dishes can elevate your dining experience. Here are some ideal food pairings:

  • Seafood: The wine’s crisp acidity complements the delicate flavors of seafood such as prawns, oysters, and grilled fish;
  • Salads: Whether it’s a fresh garden salad or one with goat cheese, the wine’s acidity balances the greens and adds a zesty contrast;
  • Goat Cheese: The Sauvignon Blanc’s herbal notes and acidity harmonize beautifully with the creaminess of goat cheese.

2. Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay

Another well-known wine-producing area in New Zealand is Hawke’s Bay, which is famous for its outstanding Chardonnay wines. Another aspect of New Zealand’s winemaking expertise is on display in these Chardonnays, which demonstrate the region’s capacity to create varied and outstanding white wines.

Flavor ProfileStone fruit, citrus
TextureCreamy and well-balanced
AcidityBalanced and refreshing

Tasting Notes

Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay offers a rich and complex flavor profile that captivates wine enthusiasts. With notes of stone fruit and citrus, this wine provides a harmonious blend of flavors. The creamy texture is a result of barrel fermentation, adding depth and elegance to every sip. The wine’s acidity is perfectly balanced, enhancing its overall appeal.

Food Pairing

To fully appreciate the elegance of Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay, pair it with dishes that complement its characteristics:

  • Creamy Pasta Dishes: The creamy texture of the wine complements creamy pasta sauces, creating a delightful balance of flavors;
  • Poultry: Whether it’s roasted chicken, turkey, or duck, the Chardonnay’s balanced acidity pairs harmoniously with poultry dishes.

3. Central Otago Pinot Gris

Wine Glass

Soft and invitingly balanced, the Central Otago Pinot Gris offers a one-of-a-kind taste profile. A balanced and unforgettable palate is achieved by combining the dominant pear and apple aromas with a faint trace of spice. The richer texture of this wine enhances its personality.

Flavor ProfilePear, apple, hint of spice
AromaAromatic and inviting

Tasting Notes

Central Otago Pinot Gris presents a unique tasting experience characterized by softness and an enticing blend of flavors. The prominent notes of pear and apple are complemented by a subtle hint of spice, creating a well-balanced and memorable palate. This wine’s fuller body adds depth to its character.

Food Pairing

Elevate your dining experience by pairing Central Otago Pinot Gris with the following dishes:

  • Asian Cuisine: The wine’s aromatic profile and body harmonize beautifully with a variety of Asian dishes, including Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine;
  • Pork Dishes: Its fuller body and flavors make it an ideal companion for pork dishes, whether roasted, grilled, or in a rich sauce.

4. Nelson Riesling

Nelson, though smaller in size compared to other New Zealand wine regions, is a hidden treasure for white wine enthusiasts. Among its offerings, Nelson Riesling stands out, offering a delightful balance of acidity and fruitiness, and ranging from dry to sweet options.

Flavor ProfileLime, apricot, honey
AcidityCrisp and refreshing
SweetnessVariable (dry to sweet)

Tasting Notes

Nelson Riesling is known for its crisp and refreshing character, making it an ideal choice for various palates. The flavor profile includes notes of zesty lime, succulent apricot, and a hint of honey, creating a delightful combination of sweet and tangy sensations. The sweetness level can vary, offering options for those who prefer dry or sweet wines.

Food Pairing

Nelson Riesling offers versatility in food pairings. Here are some culinary companions that enhance its appeal:

  • Spicy Food: The wine’s crisp acidity and sweetness balance the heat of spicy dishes, making it an excellent choice for cuisines with a kick, such as Indian or Mexican;
  • Fruity Desserts: Pair with fruity desserts like peach cobbler or fruit tarts to complement the wine’s fruity notes.

5. Waiheke Island Viognier

a bottle of wine, wine glass and grapes

Waiheke Island, renowned not only for its breathtaking scenery but also for its contribution to the world of New Zealand white wines, proudly presents its exceptional Viognier. These wines are celebrated for their enchanting floral aromas and a luxurious, silky texture that distinguishes them from the rest.

AromaFloral with hints of peach and apricot
TextureSilky and indulgent
Taste ProfileRich and aromatic

Tasting Notes

Waiheke Island Viognier offers a sensory journey rich in aromas and flavors. The wine is luxuriously rich and aromatic, with prominent notes of peach and apricot. Its silky texture adds a layer of indulgence to the tasting experience, making it a standout choice among New Zealand white wines.

Food Pairing

Elevate your culinary experience by pairing Waiheke Island Viognier with the following dishes:

  • Roasted Chicken: There’s a beautiful harmony between the roasted chicken’s tastes and the wine’s full-bodied scent and texture;
  • Seafood: From grilled fish to seafood pasta, Viognier’s texture and fruity notes enhance the seafood’s natural flavors.

6. Gisborne Gewürztraminer

Gisborne, known for its warm and sunny climate, is the perfect setting for producing Gewürztraminer, a star in New Zealand’s white wine galaxy. These wines are characterized by their remarkable aromatic qualities, with a distinctive lychee aroma that captivates the senses.

AromaHighly aromatic with lychee notes
Sweetness LevelOff-dry with a spicy finish

Tasting Notes

Gisborne Gewürztraminer is an aromatic wonder, offering a sensory experience like no other. The wine is highly aromatic, with an unmistakable lychee aroma that entices the senses. It is off-dry, full-bodied, and finishes with a captivating hint of spice, creating a harmonious and intriguing profile.

Food Pairing

Enhance your dining pleasure by pairing Gisborne Gewürztraminer with the following culinary delights

  • Thai Cuisine: The wine’s aromatic intensity and slight sweetness complement the bold flavors of Thai dishes, creating a delightful balance;
  • Indian Cuisine: Gewürztraminer’s spicy finish harmonizes beautifully with the intricate flavors of Indian cuisine, making it an excellent choice for curries and spicy dishes.

7. Canterbury Grüner Veltliner

pouring wine

Canterbury, an up-and-coming wine region in New Zealand, is making waves with its exceptional Grüner Veltliner, contributing to the diversity of the country’s best white wines. These wines are characterized by their refreshing qualities, accompanied by a unique and intriguing peppery note.

Flavor ProfileGreen apple, white pepper
TextureCrisp and invigorating
Notable NoteDistinct peppery note

Tasting Notes

Canterbury Grüner Veltliner offers a refreshing tasting experience with a crisp texture. The wine features prominent notes of green apple, creating a vibrant and invigorating profile. What sets it apart is the distinct peppery note that adds a layer of complexity and uniqueness.

Food Pairing

Enhance your dining experience by pairing Canterbury Grüner Veltliner with the following dishes:

  • Fresh Salads: The wine’s crispness complements the freshness of salads, creating a harmonious balance of flavors;
  • Light Seafood Dishes: Its refreshing character pairs excellently with light seafood dishes, such as ceviche or grilled prawns.

8. Martinborough Albariño

Martinborough, a region known for its renowned Pinot Noir, also shines brightly in the production of Albariño, a relatively new but exciting addition to New Zealand’s best white wines. Influenced by the coastal climate, these wines are known for their zesty and saline qualities.

Flavor ProfileCitrus, saline
TextureBright and invigorating
Coastal InfluenceZesty and saline notes

Tasting Notes

Martinborough Albariño captivates with its bright and invigorating character, influenced by the coastal climate. It showcases prominent notes of citrus, providing a lively and fresh palate. The coastal influence is evident in the wine’s zesty and saline notes, adding a unique maritime dimension.

Food Pairing

Elevate your culinary experience by pairing Martinborough Albariño with the following seafood-focused dishes:

  • Oysters: The wine’s saline notes harmonize perfectly with the brininess of oysters, creating a delightful maritime symphony;
  • Grilled Fish: Albariño’s zesty character complements the flavors of grilled fish, enhancing the overall dining experience.


New Zealand’s white wines offer a delightful journey for the palate. From the world-renowned Sauvignon Blanc of Marlborough to the elegant Chardonnays of Hawke’s Bay and the exotic Viogniers of Waiheke Island, the best NZ white wine showcases an incredible range of styles and flavors. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual wine drinker, these top 8 picks are a must-try, each promising an unforgettable experience.


Q: Can I find the best NZ white wine globally?

A: Yes, many of the best NZ white wines are exported globally. Check with your local wine retailers or online.

Q: Are there organic options among the best NZ white wines?

A: Absolutely! New Zealand is home to several wineries that produce organic and sustainable wines.

Q: What is the average price range for the best NZ white wine?

A: The price can vary depending on the wine and region. Generally, you can find excellent NZ white wines in the range of $15 to $50.

Q: How should I serve these white wines?

A: Most of these wines are best served chilled, between 8-12°C.

Q: Are there any wine tours in New Zealand that focus on white wines?

A: Yes, several tours focus on the regions known for the best NZ white wines, offering a fantastic way to explore these wines.

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